LTE is high-capacity 4G broadband that is the next generation of wireless Internet from First Step Internet. FSI is the first to bring fixed LTE technology to our region. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is traditionally used and thought of as a cellular broadband standard, but now we are offering it as a last-mile residential and business internet solution. LTE technology allows for higher throughput, lower latency, and a more robust wireless internet service. Now it is available to you.

We Can See You Now
Non Line of Sight Before?
We Can See You Now

Technology has finally caught up to living in rural areas. FS LTE is the best in non line of sight performance. Which means, even if you are surrounded by trees or other small obstructions, and have been denied service in the past, you may be able to get service now.

Better Service
Better Service

FS LTE's superior performance lets you do more on the internet. Whether you stream from your favorite service, need to make VoIP calls, or receive large files, we have your covered.

Great Service
Great Equipment

FS LTE uses specialized equipment that is dependable, reliable, and long lasting. FSI uses equipment by Telrad Networks, the world's leader in fixed LTE deployment.

Residential Commercial Use
For Residential & Commercial Use

This service is not just for rural customers. FS LTE can keep up with the demands of a small or large business, at a fraction of the cost in equipment.

At a Glance
FSI first to offer fixed LTE in the region
At a Glance

  • FSI first to offer fixed LTE in the region
  • Non Line of Sight(no hills or buildings)
  • Cost-Effective Equipment
  • High Performance 4G
  • High Throughput
  • Low Latency
  • Supports Data and VoIP
  • Stream Movies & Music
  • Quality Equipment for Long Term Use
  • Efficient Use of Power
  • Backed by FSI's High Capacity Redundant Network


Simply fill out the form below and FSI will
contact you about getting LTE service.
A sales representative will contact you,
explain the terms, and sign you up for service.

$0 Equipment and Installation*
$75/month for 20mbps/3mbps Speed Package*
*FSI retains ownership of all LTE installed equipment.
*No Data Caps or Limits - Unlimited Use
*If FSI offers a lower speed package, customer must keep their initial speed package
for a minimum 6 months.


*FSI retains ownership of all LTE installed equipment.
*There is a $0 installation fee for LTE equipment.
Installation includes professional mounting of wireless radio and 50 feet of cabling from radio to outer wall of home or business, through 3/8" hole into interior of building. The customer will be charged extra for additional cabling, fishing of walls, accessing crawl space or attic to run cable. Installation and configuration of local area networks (LAN) and computers is not included. LAN network installation and configuration can be done for an additional fee. First Step Internet highly recommends that our customers use a firewall/router to secure their computer and/or network from potential risks associated with a continuous broadband connection to the Internet. In addition, a surge protector is recommended to protect the wireless radio from possible damage caused by lightning strikes. First Step Internet is not liable for damage caused from lightning or other electrical surges. For options and available features, consult with your First Step sales consultant. Work for businesses in the State of Washington may require a permit. An additional fee for permits may apply.

Ownership/Leasing/Rental of Property
Customer acknowledges they own the premises where equipment will be installed or has received the property owner's consent to install First Step wireless equipment. In the case of a rental property, condominium, townhouse, etc., customer has received the consent of the homeowner's association/landlord or equivalent and provided First Step Internet with letter or document.

Warranty Coverage
In the event of hardware malfunction or failure, replacement of equipment will be handled in one of the following ways with no penalties. Equipment is owned solely by First Step Internet and would be replaced at no cost to the customer.

Equipment Installation and Placement
First Step Internet will make every attempt to not install LTE equipment on the roof unless it is the only available and viable option for service. If the installation needs to be on the roof then customer (owner or renter) must sign a waiver form prior to the installation, acknowledging and giving approval of installation to the roof. Signing the form releases First Step Internet from any responsibility of damage or leaks caused by the installation on the roof.

Photographs & Feedback of Installation / Service
Customer hereby gives consent acknowledging and understanding that First Step Internet will take pictures of the installation upon completion. The images that are taken will be used for documentation purposes. These pictures will not disclose any personal information such as customer name, address, or location. First Step Internet may use a non-descriptive picture of the installation in future advertising showing a typical installation. The pictures will include but may not be limited to: an outside view showing antenna location and cabling, an inside view showing the cabling and installed equipment, and a view from the antenna to the access point for line of sight verification. First Step reserves the right to use feedback to promote the service, personal information will not be disclosed during any promotions.

Service Limitations & Return Policy
Redistribution of Service is strictly prohibited, unless prior arrangements are made with First Step Internet. Customer agrees to the terms of First Step policies posted at www.fsr.com. Customer agrees to pay for all equipment and labor provided by First Step at the time of delivery / installation. We will gladly accept hardware for return / exchange within 15 days of purchase. Receipt and original packaging must accompany return. Exchanges / Returns after 15 days must be made directly with the manufacturer by the customer.